Taco Spread $11.95

(requires a minimum order of 10 servings)

  • Choose a shell– Corn tortilla, Flour tortillas, Crunchy shells, or Romaine lettuce shells.

  • Choose a filling-Chipotle chicken, Adobo asada, Americano (deliciously seasoned ground beef), Braised carnitas, Grilled Pineapple Al pastor, Cilantro lime chicken. Veggie options- Calbacitas (seasoned roasted squash and peppers), elotes (chili lime charred corn with peppers and onions), hongos (chipotle spiced caramelized mushrooms with sautéed onions and pepper).

  • Choose 2 salsas- Charred chipotle tomato salsa, Roasted corn and black bean salsa, Fire roasted green chile guacamole, Pineapple jalapeno salsa, Salsa verde, Roasted garlic tomato and corn salsa or Pico de Gallo.

  • Choose of 2 Sides– Cilantro lime rice, Tri color tortilla chips, Spanish rice, Chili lime corn, Ancho spiced white beans or Slow cooked black beans.